What Is Tinter-Shader?

Tinter-Shader is a web application that generates tints and shades from an RGB color pallette that you give it. I wrote it because I needed a tool like this and couldn’t find one on the web. And, because I wanted to practice and improve my JavaScript and JQuery skills.

What’s It Good For?

Tinter-Shader is great for when you already have a color pallete for your design, but you need some tints and shades that would make good colors for backgrounds, text, forms and panels that fit into your existing color scheme.


Inspiration for Tinter-Shader came from two of my favorite tools, Color Blender (http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/color-blend/) and Color Scheme Designer (http://colorschemedesigner.com/). These are both excellent tools which I use often. Tinter-Shader is a different and complementary tool to these.

Enjoy...and a Disclaimer

I hope you enjoy Tinter-Shader. If you find it useful, please consider mentioning my name and linking to me from your site to share some Google Love. Last but not least, this is a free tool— no warranty is provided. Use at your own risk. It works for me!

North Krimsly

1. Enter your color values

Enter your colors as hexadecimal RGB values separated by spaces or returns. For example:

2. Get your tints & shades