A Modern AJAX Contact Form in ExpressionEngine


Before moving to WordPress, I used the ExpressionEngine CMS for my site– and I wanted it to have a modern, AJAX contact form. ExpressionEngine (EE) has a nice built-in e-mail contact form which works great. However, as shipped the form’s interactive presentation isn’t very modern– you get temporarily redirected to a separate success page after [Read More…]

The Latest Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desks


You’ve probably read one of the many articles by now describing the risks of sitting down too much. At my day job, I’m fortunate to have gotten a hand-me-down adjustable height desk that works okay. But at home I sit down a lot as well, so I’ve been looking for a high-quality adjustable height standup [Read More…]

New Responsively-Designed Website

WordPress Logo

I’ve been building responsive websites that work well on mobile, tablets and desktops for some time now. But my own website has been overdue for a freshening– so I’ve rebuilt it using the latest version of WordPress. I’ve built sites using many content management systems and enjoyed working with all of them– beginning with WordPress [Read More…]